How To Achieve The Athletic Ben Hogan Golf Swing

how to achieve the athletic ben hogan golf swingIn todays blog post, I’m going to teach you how to achieve the athletic ben hogan golf swing.

Ben Hogan, in my opinion, is the father of the modern golf swing.

He was the first golf pro to teach the golf swing in a way that made it easy for the non-athlete to learn, yet, he taught the fine details of what it takes to have an athletic and powerful golf swing.

The flavor of Ben Hogan’s teaching model can be seen sprinkled in the golf swing of all modern golfers, no question about it.

Anyone that disputes this statement only need to read Ben Hogan’s classic and evergreen book: “Ben Hogan’s 5 Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf”

Inside he masterfully makes the complex aspects of the golf swing very simple by breaking down all of the key elements of the full golf swing.

how to achieve the athletic
ben hogan golf swing

I’d like to now give you my interpretation of Ben Hogan’s 5 lessons, from a golf fitness perspective.

Ben Hogan Lesson #1:
The Grip

Ben Hogan suggests that any speed and power that is generated from the body will not transfer into the golf ball of the grip is not in tact. In tact meaning hand position, the position of the golf club shaft on the hands and grip integrity (i.e. grip tension, strength and or relaxation).

If you want to learn how to achieve the athletic ben hogan golf swing, you must execute all three components of the grip.

You must have hand and wrist flexibility, coordination and strength.

Of these 3 physical abilities, flexibility is most important followed by coordination and strength.

Flexibility is also the easiest of the 3 to develop in the grip. Not only does this hold true for the grip but for the entire body as well.

Ben Hogan Lesson #2 :
Stance and Posture

Like in all sports, having a solid foundation of good posture puts the golfer in the best position to achieve the athletic Ben Hogan golf swing.

Having good posture requires that the muscles in the body be balanced both in structure and in function.

In other words, one muscle group cannot over power the other or be too weak as to not contribute to the execution of the golf swing.

As Ben Hogan implies, posture is what allows golfers to maximize their ability to use instinct in their golf swing.

This means being able to feel, control the body and make the connection between the type of golf swing that needs to be made, effectively communicating this message to the body and then successfully executing the movement.

Ben Hogan Lesson #3:
The Backswing

Your hips, shoulders, legs, arms, and hands must be in the correct position in order the make the Ben Hogan athletic golf swing (or any golf swing) possible.

Mobility is the physical skill needed to execute the backswing. Mobility can also be called controlled flexibility.

Being pliable and supple allows the body to move freely, but if there is not control of this free movement, there is chaos instead of coordination.

Ben Hogan Lesson #4:
The Downswing

The culmination of the first 3 steps of the Ben Hogan athletic golf swing is the down swing. If steps one through three are done correctly, golfers will be in a great position to hit a good golf shot.

But they are not out of the woods when it comes to making errors in their golf swing.

To keep the golf swing on plane, balance and dynamic stability are needed.

Being able to hold the basic golf posture and stand (balance) then integrated that balance within controlled movement (dynamic stability) is what allows for consistent ball striking.

Maximum golf swing power  is a skill that combines strength and speed, if you want to learn how to achieve the athletic ben hogan golf swing, you’ll need to master them.

Speed strength is technically called power, which requires that the entire body be fully integrated, connected and responsive to the dynamics of the golf swing.

Ben Hogan instinctively knew this even back in the 1950’s.

Any modern golfer who wants to learn how to achieve the athletic ben hogan golf swing can and will benefit from Ben Hogan’s powerful and timeless athletic golf swing tips.

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